• How do I audition and what happens at the audition?

      In the first instance complete our Application, Medical form and send two photos of yourself (they do not need to be professional photos - one head and shoulders and one full length) Here is the link and you can apply easily online. 

      You will then be invited to a first round preliminary audition at EPA, the cost of this is £30 for the audition. The audition dates are listed below and please state your preferred audition day on the application.  These auditions are private auditions and there are a limited amount of applicants on each day - this is so that we can get to know you, and see what you can do.  

      You will perform three set pieces and have an informal interview with the Principal. After the audition you get the opportunity to "shadow' the 1st year students for the remainder of the day, therefore spending the day with us at EPA to see if it is the kind of environment you feel will suit you. We at EPA feel the students have to be happy in learning and this is how we get our great results and excellent retention rate. 

      If you are successful through the preliminary audition day you will be recalled to our free Scholarship audition recall days. These are our larger audition days, with larger numbers of students and culminate in a number of full scholarships. There are 4 full scholarship 2017 courses available. The Ben Richards Musical Theatre Scholarship, The Samantha Womack Musical Theatre Scholarship and 2  Can You Dance, dance scholarships. There is no charge for the recall scholarship 2017 audition days. We do also have a large number of smaller scholarships available and these are awarded quickly at the beginning of the year so we would urge you to audition as early as possible for your change to secure one of these awards.

      Open Days - These are for you to "shadow" the 1st year students for the day in their classes. This is for you to get a feel for the college without the pressure of an audition. On these days you will take part in a Jazz class, Singing Class and Acting class. The open days are free of charge and these can be attended from Year 10 onwards.  

      When are our auditions?

      Our audition and open days are as follows - these do get full very quickly so please apply as soon as possible to reserve your placement.

      Tuesday 28th November 2017

      Tuesday 30th January 2018

      Tuesday 27th February 2018 

      Tuesday 28th March 2018

      Tuesday 24th April 2018

      Tuesday 19th June 2018

      Open days are also held Tuesdays once per month. Dates as above.  Both the scholarship and open days fill up very fast therefore it is advised to apply early. 

      If you wish to apply for an audition you will need to complete the Application and Medical forms and forward two photos to us. Click here for application instructions.  

      Scholarship 2017 courses are limited and are more plentiful available towards the beginning of the year preceding the September start. Follow this link for more info about Auditions.

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