• Upcoming Events

      Diary dates for Holidays and Events

      Audition days

      Tuesday 26th September 2017
      Tuesday 17 October 2017
      Tuesday 28th November 2017
      Tuesday 30th January 2018
      Tuesday 27th February 2018
      Tuesday 28th March 2018
      Tuesday 24th April 2018
      Tuesday 19th June 2018

      1st Year Induction day *Monday 11th September 2017
      2nd and 3rds years returnTuesday 12th September 2017
      Last day of Half TermFriday 20th October 2017
      Half TermMonday 23rd October – Friday 27th October 2017
      College reopensMonday 30th October 2017
      Winter term assessmentsMonday 20th – Friday 24th November 2017
      1st year reports & assessment grades due in by (Staff)Monday 27th November 2017
      Last date of TermFriday 1st December 2017
      Christmas HolidayMonday 4th December – Monday 8th Jan 2018
      First day of TermMonday 8th January 2018
      Last day of Half TermFriday 16th February 2018
      Half TermMonday 19th February – Friday 23rd Feb 2018
      First day of TermMonday 26th February 2018
      Move It!Friday 16th March-Sunday 18th March 2018
      CYD PerformancesSundays to be advised
      Musical Show week *Monday 19th – Friday 23rd March 2018
      Musical Pomegranate Theatre ChesterfieldFriday 23rd March (Day and Evening)
      Saturday 24th March 2018 (Evening)
      Assessment grades due in by (Staff)Friday 23rd March 2018
      Last day of termThursday 29th March 2018
      Easter HolidaysFriday 30th March – Friday 13th Aprils 2018
      First day of termMonday 16th April 2018
      Bank Holiday College ClosedMonday 7th May
      Last day of TermFriday 25th May 2018
      Half TermMonday 28th May – Friday 1st June 2018
      First day of termMonday 4th June 2018
      Show rehearsal week *Monday 4th – Friday 8th June 2018
      Show Palace Theatre MansfieldSaturday 9th June (Day & Evening) 2018
      Sunday 10th June (Evening) 2018
      Assessment grades due in by (Staff)Friday 25th May 2018
      Last day of TermThursday 5th July 2018
      GraduationFriday 6th July 2018